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River Crossing/Rossdale Update– Tuesday

29 Jun

Tomorrow!  On June 30 (Tuesday) an administration report regarding plans for moving forward on the development of the River Crossing/Rossdale/West Rossdale area, including the EPCOR Generation Plant is on council’s agenda.  You can link to the Executive Committee agenda (item 6.11) and related reports here.

The key item of concern is the terms of reference for the Advisory Committee for this initiative– the selection of members, their roles and responsibilities.  This is important in terms of having strong community and heritage representation in this work.

The Executive Committee meeting begins at 9:30am in City Hall but it is not clear as to when this item will be presented:  morning, afternoon or it may be deferred to July 8th. In any case, the meeting is open to the public, anyone may attend and Rossdale Regeneration will have representatives speaking.

In an initial review of the report, the following concerns arise:

  • The members are to be selected from the private sector and Administration. There is no mention of the non-profit or voluntary sector or citizens at large. (We’re only stakeholders who provide input to the Advisory Committee, as are other affected entities like Epcor and Telus Field, per the business plan document)
  • The City will be looking for members with background and knowledge (expertise) in the following areas: Land/Urban Planning, Land Development, Financial Planning, Destination Planning, and Urban Design and Environment. There is no recognition of local knowledge or historical expertise in selection of members.
  • Criteria for selection of members includes capacity to deliver a business plan. This is an uncompensated advisory committee–the Administration should have responsibility for delivering the business plan and should have the requisite skills to do so.

We’ll provide a further update after the discussion at City Council.

Updates and Rossdale ReGeneration Meeting

30 Mar

Rossdale ReGeneration will be meeting tonight at 5:00 pm at the Rossdale Community League Hall (10135 – 96 Avenue) to provide some updates in advance of an April 14th City Council meeting focused on the River Crossing and West Rossdale Development.

Rossdale ReGeneration Updates

  • City Council has scheduled a special meeting for all of Council on April 14th from 1:30-4:30pm to discuss the RIVER CROSSING (Rossdale/West Rossdale Development and Redevelopment).
  • The Administration report will include numerous items including the Rossdale Generating Plant.
  • There will be a number of recommendations in the report seeking direction for Council’s consideration so as to move the plan forward.
  • The meeting will be open to the public but is unlikely that there will be public speakers or public presentations.
  • It will be very important that our group prepares and submits written information and recommendations before the April 14th meeting.

March 31st Meeting Agenda

  1. Welcome and introductions
  2. Updates
  3. Identify key points/recommendations supported by Rossdale ReGeneration Group
  4. Agree to a written submission from the Rossdale ReGeneration Group
  5. Lobby/advocate
  6. Other

If you are interested in Rossdale/West Rossdale development, we encourage you to attend the meeting!

Rossdale in the News

21 Jan

With the West Rossdale and Power Plant discussions in recent City Council meetings, the future of Edmonton’s historic river crossing district has been a hot topic in the media and online. 

We’ve gathered a few interesting pieces that pose ideas for how the City can develop Rossdale into a diverse and bustling district:

What are your thoughts on these ideas? Would this essential Edmonton historic area be best served by an artificial canal? Leave your thoughts below!

Interested in Contributing to Rossdale ReGeneration?

21 Jan

Do you have any ideas or stories about Rossdale that you would like to add to the growing movement to preserve the Power Plant as an essential part in the exciting possibilities for Edmonton’s historic river crossing district?

We’re interested in adding new voices to Rossdale ReGeneration. If you are interested in contributing a post to our blog that shares your ideas, thoughts, reflections on the history and future of the district and neighbourhood, we would love to hear from you!

View the Call for Contributions here!


UPDATE: Preservation & Renewal Meeting

7 Jan

Preservation and Renewal Meeting
TUESDAY JAN. 13, 2015
5:00-6:30 PM

It has been quite some time since there has been a meeting of the Rossdale Re-generation group. Our initial objective of having the EPCOR Generating Plant conserved has met with some success as the City of Edmonton has provided funding to secure the building for a three year period. On January 20, 2015 a major report regarding the future of the plant as well as the plan for West Rossdale redevelopment will be reviewed and debated at the Executive Committee of City Council.


  1. Introduction/Welcome
  2. Update
    • Preservation
    • Lighting
    • Other
  3. Jan. 20 Executive Committee Meeting
    • Future of Generating Building/Rossdale Development/Planning
    • Key Principle/Points for future redevelopment/development
  4. Other

UPDATE: West Rossdale Redevelopment report presentation postponed until July 8th.

19 Jun

Originally scheduled for the June 10th CIty Council Meeting, the West Rossdale Redevelopment report highlighting a number of potential scenarios for the development and governance of West Rossdale and the Rossdale Generating Station has been postponed until the City Council Executive Committee meeting on Tuesday, July 8th

Although the meeting begins at 9:30am, the Rossdale report’s place in the agenda won’t be released until Thursday, July 3rd.

For a brief overview of what the report entails and key points from our perspective, please read our previous blog post

West Rossdale Redevelopment report to be presented to City Council

9 Jun

Screen Shot 2014-06-09 at 12.44.02 PM

On Tuesday June 10 the West Rossdale Redevelopment report is being presented to Edmonton City Council.  The report is lengthy with a number of attachments.

Ultimately, the report from City Administration asks City Council to give further direction regarding the proposed land development, infrastructure, Rossdale Generation Plant etc. and to refer this back to City administration for further work to come back to City Council at a later date.

Rossdale Regeneration representatives Michael Phair, Lynn Parrish and David Ridley met recently with City Administration and noted the following:

  • The report includes the proposed redevelopment of Rossdale including the Power Plant, moving towards an integrated plan, an approach we have supported in the past
  • The report suggests that there are a number of possible scenarios for moving forward that include different cost estimates and different governance models as to implementing the plan.

Given the meeting’s agenda it is unlikely Council will get to this item until mid-afternoon on June 10.

From the Rossdale ReGeneration Group’s perspective, the following points are key and are outlined in the report:

  • That the plan for West Rossdale development includes the Rossdale Generation Plant
  • It is paramount to us that the Generation Plant continue to be historically recognized and conserved/preserved as a significant industrial building in Edmonton’s past
  • The context of the building in relation to the river as a ‘landmark’ and as an entrance to downtown is crucial
  • That reuse of the Power Plant will be for a multi-use facility, both private and public
  • Governance (conserving, reuse and managing) of the building must include interested citizens’ groups like Rossdale Regeneration.

 If you have time to attend/speak or send an e-mail to City Councillors on this matter, please do so.

An architect’s concept for Rossdale Power Plant

25 Apr

Screen Shot 2014-04-25 at 2.33.19 PM A young architect has drafted his interpretation of Rossdale Power Plant’s potential future, which was recently showcased on CTV News.

For his thesis, Michael Zabinski created a plan for the Rossdale Power Plant, one that uses geothermal heating and features an indoor market, thermal baths, heating elements to ensure year-round use, and a connection to downtown in the form of a gondola.

“It could be argued that this is where Edmonton was born,” says Zabinski, “and this building itself gave power and energy to the city for so many years, and now it just sits vacant.”

Michael Phair from the Rossdale ReGeneration group was interviewed for the piece, and notes that such projects give renewed hope for the future of the power plant. “It’s great to see people like [Zabinski] spending time imagining what is there, because we need that. We need to be able to imagine what else it could be.”

Although this is merely one interpretation of the power plant’s potential and actual designs for the Rossdale Power Plant are a few years off, the City of Edmonton has committed to ensuring the plant’s structural stability.

Head to the CTV News website to see the full video!

City Council votes to budget for power plant conservation

30 Dec

On December 11, City Council reviewed and voted on the City of Edmonton’s Infrastructure Supplementary Budget.  The Supplementary Budget included the conservation of the Rossdale Generator Plant buildings at $3.4 million to cover a 10 year period.  The vote on the motion to provide these funds passed 9-4.

In early 2014, City Administration is scheduled to provide a preliminary report to City Council on the next proposed steps. The ongoing support of City Council has been noted by Alberta’s Minister of Culture Minister Heather Klimchuk.

Currently, EPCOR officially owns the property, the power plant and the adjacent pumphouse buildings.  Rossdale Regeneration sees the transfer of the land and buildings to the City as an important step in the preservation and future planning for the site.  Before subdivision of the lands can take place for the ownership by the City of Edmonton, a second level environmental study is required.  Given this, it is likely that subdivision is 8-14 months away.  Officially the property and building will remain with EPCOR for the time being.

Public Meeting at Rossdale

12 Nov

Rossdale Skyline wit#B5519AIt’s late notice, but tonight, November 12, 2013 at 6:00pm, we’re holding a public meeting at Rossdale Community League Hall (10135 96 Avenue NW). Budget season is upon us, and with it comes several discussions around the future use of Rossdale Powerplant and its integration with the changing neighbourhood around it.

Here’s a brief rundown of our agenda this evening:

1. Welcome

2. Updates; recent candidate tour: civic election results

3. The 2014 City Budget

4. Governance possibilities; messages from City Sustainable Office

5. Wrap up

Rossdale residents and the broader public are welcome to join. We hope to see you there!

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