An architect’s concept for Rossdale Power Plant

25 Apr

Screen Shot 2014-04-25 at 2.33.19 PM A young architect has drafted his interpretation of Rossdale Power Plant’s potential future, which was recently showcased on CTV News.

For his thesis, Michael Zabinski created a plan for the Rossdale Power Plant, one that uses geothermal heating and features an indoor market, thermal baths, heating elements to ensure year-round use, and a connection to downtown in the form of a gondola.

“It could be argued that this is where Edmonton was born,” says Zabinski, “and this building itself gave power and energy to the city for so many years, and now it just sits vacant.”

Michael Phair from the Rossdale ReGeneration group was interviewed for the piece, and notes that such projects give renewed hope for the future of the power plant. “It’s great to see people like [Zabinski] spending time imagining what is there, because we need that. We need to be able to imagine what else it could be.”

Although this is merely one interpretation of the power plant’s potential and actual designs for the Rossdale Power Plant are a few years off, the City of Edmonton has committed to ensuring the plant’s structural stability.

Head to the CTV News website to see the full video!

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