City Council votes to budget for power plant conservation

30 Dec

On December 11, City Council reviewed and voted on the City of Edmonton’s Infrastructure Supplementary Budget.  The Supplementary Budget included the conservation of the Rossdale Generator Plant buildings at $3.4 million to cover a 10 year period.  The vote on the motion to provide these funds passed 9-4.

In early 2014, City Administration is scheduled to provide a preliminary report to City Council on the next proposed steps. The ongoing support of City Council has been noted by Alberta’s Minister of Culture Minister Heather Klimchuk.

Currently, EPCOR officially owns the property, the power plant and the adjacent pumphouse buildings.  Rossdale Regeneration sees the transfer of the land and buildings to the City as an important step in the preservation and future planning for the site.  Before subdivision of the lands can take place for the ownership by the City of Edmonton, a second level environmental study is required.  Given this, it is likely that subdivision is 8-14 months away.  Officially the property and building will remain with EPCOR for the time being.

One Response to “City Council votes to budget for power plant conservation”

  1. Shirley Lowe December 30, 2013 at 5:53 PM #

    Thank you to City Council. This important building and its historically significant surrounds give us an opportunity to better understand who we are as a city. We have a history. Let’s be proud of it.

    Shirley Lowe

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