River Crossing/Rossdale Update– Tuesday

29 Jun

Tomorrow!  On June 30 (Tuesday) an administration report regarding plans for moving forward on the development of the River Crossing/Rossdale/West Rossdale area, including the EPCOR Generation Plant is on council’s agenda.  You can link to the Executive Committee agenda (item 6.11) and related reports here.

The key item of concern is the terms of reference for the Advisory Committee for this initiative– the selection of members, their roles and responsibilities.  This is important in terms of having strong community and heritage representation in this work.

The Executive Committee meeting begins at 9:30am in City Hall but it is not clear as to when this item will be presented:  morning, afternoon or it may be deferred to July 8th. In any case, the meeting is open to the public, anyone may attend and Rossdale Regeneration will have representatives speaking.

In an initial review of the report, the following concerns arise:

  • The members are to be selected from the private sector and Administration. There is no mention of the non-profit or voluntary sector or citizens at large. (We’re only stakeholders who provide input to the Advisory Committee, as are other affected entities like Epcor and Telus Field, per the business plan document)
  • The City will be looking for members with background and knowledge (expertise) in the following areas: Land/Urban Planning, Land Development, Financial Planning, Destination Planning, and Urban Design and Environment. There is no recognition of local knowledge or historical expertise in selection of members.
  • Criteria for selection of members includes capacity to deliver a business plan. This is an uncompensated advisory committee–the Administration should have responsibility for delivering the business plan and should have the requisite skills to do so.

We’ll provide a further update after the discussion at City Council.

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