Have Your Say in the Future of Rossdale

15 Dec

The City of Edmonton has received $72.9 million funding from the River Valley Alliance for five projects designed to improve access in the river valley (projects are funded by the provincial and federal governments). One of these projects is the construction of a riverfront promenade called Touch the Water.

The Touch the Water promenade will create a new place for citizens to gather and enjoy the riverfront. Located in Rossdale, the promenade will be a distinctive and special place in our river valley.

The public engagement process for Touch the Water has begun. Interested citizens are invited to share and participate in the City of Edmonton’s online survey.

The survey allows people to provide input into the design of this new project. The survey runs until December 22, 2015, and can be found at edmonton.ca/rivervalleyprojects.

The results of the survey will help inform two conceptual designs for the Touch the Water Promenade, which will be shared for public review in 2016.

One Response to “Have Your Say in the Future of Rossdale”

  1. kristinekk December 15, 2015 at 3:47 PM #

    This survey does not ask respondents whether or not they want this river valley infrastructure in the first place. Edmonton has a river valley conservation policy and a river valley bylaw for a reason. This survey is therefore misleading and does not address the actual issue of conservation and development–which does not have to be a black-or-white discussion, but should be an open and transparent one.

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