West Rossdale Redevelopment report to be presented to City Council

9 Jun

Screen Shot 2014-06-09 at 12.44.02 PM

On Tuesday June 10 the West Rossdale Redevelopment report is being presented to Edmonton City Council.  The report is lengthy with a number of attachments.

Ultimately, the report from City Administration asks City Council to give further direction regarding the proposed land development, infrastructure, Rossdale Generation Plant etc. and to refer this back to City administration for further work to come back to City Council at a later date.

Rossdale Regeneration representatives Michael Phair, Lynn Parrish and David Ridley met recently with City Administration and noted the following:

  • The report includes the proposed redevelopment of Rossdale including the Power Plant, moving towards an integrated plan, an approach we have supported in the past
  • The report suggests that there are a number of possible scenarios for moving forward that include different cost estimates and different governance models as to implementing the plan.

Given the meeting’s agenda it is unlikely Council will get to this item until mid-afternoon on June 10.

From the Rossdale ReGeneration Group’s perspective, the following points are key and are outlined in the report:

  • That the plan for West Rossdale development includes the Rossdale Generation Plant
  • It is paramount to us that the Generation Plant continue to be historically recognized and conserved/preserved as a significant industrial building in Edmonton’s past
  • The context of the building in relation to the river as a ‘landmark’ and as an entrance to downtown is crucial
  • That reuse of the Power Plant will be for a multi-use facility, both private and public
  • Governance (conserving, reuse and managing) of the building must include interested citizens’ groups like Rossdale Regeneration.

 If you have time to attend/speak or send an e-mail to City Councillors on this matter, please do so.

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