Seeing Rossdale again for the first time

7 Jul

You’ll have noticed the marvelous images that form the masthead and shape the pages of this FB site (as well as that of Rossdale ReGeneration’s website).  Many of us drive, bicycle and walk by the Rossdale plants on a regular basis and the mass and features of the building catch the eye.

But K. Jack Clark’s images have helped us see the structure again and really appreciate and understand its place and position along the banks of the North Saskatchewan and in the foreground of our urban landscape.

Not only is that a gift to all Edmontonians and those who appreciate this building’s design and significance, but the images were donated to Rossdale ReGeneration to support this work.  It’s a thrill to see this iconic Edmonton structure through your composition and art.

You’ll find the whole set of Mr. Clark’s Rossdale images posted here on Rossdale ReGeneration’s Facebook page.  And you can find more about his work on his website at

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