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Guided Walk: Rossdale Generating Station area, Saturday July 6, 2 pm

4 Jul

A great opportunity to walk the area around the Rossdale Power Plants and understand the significance of the area in and around the plants.

This guided walking tour meets in front of the Rossdale Community League Building (historic Little Flower School) at 10135-96 Avenue  It will consider the Traditional Burial Ground and Fort Edmonton Cemetery Commemorative Site, which provides a good view of the historic Rossdale Generating Station. The tour will provide information about the significance of the area with a special focus on the Rossdale Generating Station (Maxwell Dewar Building / Low Pressure power plant), which was designated a Provincial Historic Resource in 2001.

Parking is available behind the Community League Building. For more on this, contact information and other events of the Historic Festival, visit

Rossdale Visioning Session: Notes

4 Jul

From a  visioning session for the Rossdale power plants and adjacent, reflecting the discussions, ideas and renderings of Edmonton’s architecture and design talent: Rossdale Visioning Session Notes April 13 2013

Rossdale Regeneration on CTV Edmonton

4 Jul

Strong turnout at today’s media gathering where Shirley Lowe and Michael Phair of Rossdale Regeneration released the group’s report and recommendations on the future of the Rossdale power plants.  Here’s CTV Edmonton’s piece on this.

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