Edmonton’s Lost Heritage: a troubling decade

7 Jul

This post on Spacing Edmonton by Paul Giang poses the core question for Edmontonians about their connection (or lack thereof) with their built heritage and one could add that it goes beyond the built to almost all approaches to city memory.

Shirley Lowe, Edmonton Historian Laureate has eloquently spoken of “all the buildings we wish we could have back” (and here’s an example of a streetscape we’ve just lost) and  Lawrence Herzog has recently written at set of articles on Edmonton’s “lost” buildings and places.   We’d like to believe that the Rossdale plant’s provincial historic designation will lead to a good short and long term result for the plant and the larger site.  But it won’t matter if we don’t collectively understand that this and other buildings are significant in their own right as the the key anchors of civic memory and experience.

So, with tomorrow’s reports to Edmonton City Council Executive Committee, we’ll see how this moves ahead and look for a good result.

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