Old Strathcona Foundation’s position on Rossdale

3 Jul

The Old Strathcona Foundation is writing to express our concern over the proposed de-registration of Edmonton’s Rossdale Power Plant… It is an iconic feature in the heart of our river valley and deserves to be restored and re-purposed…

Please consider the wonderful potential of this site for our future generations. A Provincial Historic Site is permitted to be altered for a number of valid reasons if such actions do not disturb or destroy the significant heritage fabric of the site. This could become a vibrant and viable space that celebrates the heritage of this area from the time of settlement to the birth of industry in our city.

At the very least, this is an important issue to Edmontonians and should be deserving of more public consultation before any internal decisions are made.

This letter was copied to Edmonton’s City Council and to Alberta’s Minister of Culture, to which Minister Klimchuk replied.

Old Strathcona Foundation’s Core Values

  • Stewardship: acts as steward of the historic area of Old Strathcona, its assets, its historical stories
  • Community: engaged in the Strathcona and area community
  • Collaboration: Old Strathcona Foundation is a leader with others such as the local community partners, businesses, governments and other heritage organizations in the pursuit of its mission
  • Service: provides local heritage knowledge with effective programs for preservation and revitalization of the Strathcona heritage area

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