Mayoral Candidates Weigh In on Power Plant’s Future

30 Aug

As election campaigns begin to gain momentum heading into the fall, mayoral candidates Karen Leibovici and Don Iveson have posted statements regarding the future of the Rossdale Power Plant on their websites.

Councillor Leibovici sees the power plant as “an anchor for a whole new place for Edmontonians to gather,” continuing the tradition that the site has held for thousands of years. For now, she agrees that city council need a bit of “breathing space” to make the best decision.

Click here for Karen Leibovici’s full statement.

After taking a tour of the buildings, Councillor Iveson admits that “rising to this challenge will require real creativity.” Of course, creativity may take time, and it will require help from a number of stakeholders.

Click here for Don Iveson’s full statement.

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