Chelsea Boos’s Open Letter to the Rossdale Power Plant

14 Jun

back-words-rossdaleThe Mayor has warned that it may ask the province to remove the Historical Designation (for the second time) on this imposing yet beautiful piece of architecture, a landmark of Edmonton, a testament to the site where people have settled for thousands of years, and a symbol of the growth of the city as we know it.

It would cost only 7.4 million dollars to stabilize the complex of buildings, which have minor structural issues, plus 87 million dollars to save and later repurpose the plant into one of many fantastic visions already developed and studied. Meanwhile, the city has just announced that it will fund a 35 million dollar gondola from downtown to the Rossdale Community. Maybe I’m just cynical, but it sounds to me like a certain someone wants waterfront development, and thinks this old thing is in the way.

By Chelsea Boos

visit her website here

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