Historically and architecturally, the Rossdale power plant is unique in Edmonton. Designed by Maxwell Dewar, an award-winning architect and a president of the Alberta Architects Association, the power plant reflects the elegant style of early-twentieth-century American industrial design, as well as the art deco style popular in that period.  Reminiscent of a steamship, the power plant is a sophisticated structure and iconic element in our city’s skyline and river valley.

Rossdale ReGeneration is a diverse group of Edmonton citizens with a shared respect for history and a shared belief in possibility. We are architects, urban planners, historians, artists, politicians and members of the community.  We believe the Rossdale power plant needs to be preserved and can contribute in a new way to our city. Not only is this building (and its surroundings) a fundamentally important part of Edmonton’s – and Canada’s – past, they also carry immense opportunity.  Rossdale ReGeneration wants to make sure that opportunity isn’t missed.

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